Where's the Free?

In order to focus on further developing out Itography, we had to disable support for "Itography Free" last night.  "Itography" is still available on Google Play and iTunes. It is free of banner ads and free to download!

iTunes -
Google Play -

Please let us know if you have any questions!

Where’s the Food?

Players in active areas densely populated with items were not able to find items from the new Elements collection.  We had a fix planned for the next release, but for immediate relief we have turned “off” the Food collection. Not to worry all of your data is safe!  With the next major release, you will be able to see all of the items that you have collected from the Food collection. The Food items will still show up in your activity stream and they will still be in your inventory. Once you drop the Food items in your inventory, they will be “hidden.”

Elements. Itography's first collection with unique graphics for each item is now live!

All 118 elements have their own image. Collect each one and you will be able to ace a chemistry trivia competition!

Thank you to Susan for suggestion the collection and Vanessa for the awesome descriptions!

New Itography Demo

Check out the new Itography Demo


Sneak peek...Coming November 1st!

A little less crowded!

Our map was getting a little crowded in some areas, so you will now only see map markers at locations that have items. The black map markers that represented empty venues are now gone!

The map markers will always show you the highrest rarity of an item at a venue.  Be on the lookout for red, orange and purple map markers!

Tip Tuesday - Balls!

Did you knBallow that you could toss balls at your Facebook friends playing Itography?  Just tap on "Balls" on the You tab, enter a message, pick out your Facebook friend to toss it to and tap Throw!

If you don't have any balls, you can buy some!


Most Active Item in the Game!

This Sagebrush is the most traveled item in the game.

How to find items

I hope that everyone is enjoying having the map front and center! Now that it is easier to find items near you, let’s talk about completing collections by finding items NOT close to you.  

1) On the “You” tab, you will find “Collections.”  Tap on Collections.

2) Displayed is a list of all of the current Collections

Announcing the summer collection

Go find them! There is already a sloop in Arizona and a surfboard in Canada.

summer collection


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