Summer Collection

Summer items! It is time for the summer collection.

New Release is now available!

We are happy to announce a new release!

With this release, you will be greeted with a map on the home screen displaying items near you.   Please click on a venue to pick one up.

Welcome to Austin SXSW folks!

You know the red items?
The unique ones?

It must be collections and a new release!

Here in Austin we are welcoming in the warmer weather and the rain! 

Our goal has always been to make Itography fun and easy.  We have made some big behind the scenes changes that will make your game experience even better.

So we have been doing a little testing! Here is a sneak peak:









Itography 1.01 for iPhone

Thank you to everyone who let us know about a couple of changes that needed to be made to the initial iPhone release.  In release 1.01, we have resolved the user registration issues, fixed the counters on the You screen, enhanced the maps and corrected the Facebook and Foursquare connections.  We encourage you to update immediately to take advantage of these changes. If you run into any additional issues, please let us know at

Using Notes to Find Items That You Need

Here is my super tricky trick of the day for everyone new to playing. After playing for a couple of months, I have found almost all of the available items. Now there are just a few more that I need to complete my collections.  I have left a “Note” on the ones that I need that are closest to me. Now I can easily find these when I am looking at my list of items available for pickup.  There will be a Note icon on the right hand side of the list. Or maybe a really nice friend will see the note and help me out be bringing the item to me!

Now available for the iPhone!

We are happy to announce Itography is now available for your iPhone!  

And now we wait!

We submitted Itography to Apple last Friday for approval! Launch date coming soon!

Green, Blue, Purple, Orange, & Red what do these colors mean to you?

The different colors that you see in the game mean tell you the rarity of an item!  Green is the most Common and you can keep it for 30 days. Blue is Rare and you can hold onto it for 10 days. Purple is Epic and you can only keep it for 5 days.  Orange is Legendary and you need to find a place to drop it in only 3 days. Red is Unique.

Itography Beta Testing for iOS is now closed

Thank you for your continued support and patience over the past couple of weeks.  We very much appreciate your taking the time to help us break the app. At this point, you will no longer be able to use the app.  


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