Winter Items Arrived Late Last Night

Winter items are here just in time for your holiday travels!

To see the 20 new items, check out You -> Collections and tap on "Winter"


New Collection Coming Next Monday - Winter!

Winter Award         Winter items are coming on Monday!

Vote in the Facebook poll for the items that you would like to collect!


Want to alpha test on iPhone for Itography?

Please sign up through the Test Flight link:

Happy Thanksgiving from Itography

What is your Thanksgiving travel Itography strategy?

Happy 2 Month Anniversary!

Invitations went out today for alpha testing our iPhone app. If you would like to join the beta in a couple of weeks, please use this link to sign up through Test Flight.

Announcing Our Fall Collection

It is still sunny and 80 degrees here in Austin, but we are happy to announce the arrival of the the Fall Collection! Not our latest line of designer clothes, but a special collection of Fall themed items that will only be generated for the next few weeks. Now when you report an item shortage report, there is a chance that limited edition Fall items will be generated. The are very rare, so clear out some inventory space, get out there, visit new places and collect all 11 items before we stop generating them! Help your fellow Itographers find them too.

One more BIG update - increased loot radius!

Let us know what you think of the bigger loot radius. We increased the radius to make it easier for the non-urban dwellers to find nearby venues.

Harder better faster stronger - Itography 2.0 is Here!

We are happy to announce Itography 2.0! Our goal with this release is to make Itography faster, easier and of course more fun. From the Home tab, you will now be able to quickly drop and pickup items and view several activity streams. The You tab is all about you.

Happy Halloween! Only treats from Itography.

If you pick up any item today, you receive a special Halloween treat from Itography!

Halloween 2011

Thank you! Over 2300 items in 18 states and 8 countries in the last 6 weeks!

A huge thank you to all of you! With your help over the last 6 weeks there are now 2300 items in 18 states and 8 countries.


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