There are items all around you.  Soon you will be able to find them with your iphone.
Are you ready for the Itography iphone app?

First Responder

First Responder AwardBetter tell your friends to hurry, there are only a few of the totally awesome golden "First Responder" awards left!

Fun Friday - T-Shirt Version

A big thank you to Jeffrey Moore of AndroidvsWorld for snapping this great shot at the Big Android BBQ.  We can't wait for your blog!

Ice Cream Sandwich on a Mission

Android friends, we have a challenge for you!

Help us get the unique item, Ice Cream Sandwich, from Buffalo Billiards in Austin, Texas to the Google headquarters in Mountain View, CA!

Big Android BBQ keeps on giving.

We had a wonderful time at the Big Android BBQ and it just keeps on giving.  Specifically, a HTC EVO 3D just showed up at my door from the folks at HTC Dev. Amazing!  They loved my idea for an app that teaches kids how to write letters using their Scribe technology. Watch for the tweet from @htcdev today!

Special Edition Items

Vote on which special edition items you want to see ...

Windows Phone Camp

We haven’t gone missing!  We were at the Microsoft Windows Phone Camp the past couple of days learning all about Mango.  Our heads are spinning with fast application switching, multitasking, live tiles, and push notifications. Mostly about live tiles!  They are such a great way to display quick relevant information.  Do we have any Windows Phone users out there?


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